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CoverMate Acquired By Touch Industries

CoverMate has been acquired by Touch Industries.

The company is ever-expanding its product lines, and with the acquisition of Covermate Covers in 2012, a small, American company with an innovative product, Touch has just launched its Canadian twin called Multi-Flex (known as Covermate in the U.S.), and is strategically looking to develop a variety of client segments with specific offers. “For food service, we’re looking at restaurants, schools, hospitals, catering services, etc., and on the retail side, we have high growth and we’re with the top retailers like the major grocery chains,” says Guay “We’re also looking at possible line extensions in arts and crafts and hardware stores with specific, customized orders, as well as pharmacies, plus online stores as well, because our products are good products for virtual stores and online buying. These are everyday products that people know so it is a good fit with online shopping.”

Please see the full article regarding this acquisition by clicking here to read about it in the Canadian Business Journal.

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